The meaning behind our jewelry

 If you're an avid jewelry lover, you've probably noticed that having pieces titled women's names is not a new concept. I've seen necklaces named Sofia, and hoops named Maya. In fact, it may even be the "trendy" thing to do. After all, women love to showcase that they're embracing their feminism and jewelry is often a way to do that. 

It's not to say I don't love what they're doing - there is a beauty in female names.. but why stop there? Being a woman is no easy feat. We have the monumental challenge of living in a world that was created for men to succeed and women to embrace that reality. 

We've rebelled and fought for our rights, the right to vote, the right to have control over our bodies, and be paid the same wages as men - and this fight is only just beginning. We really have the power to do whatever we desire, so let's continue to bring this into capitalism as well.  

My pieces are aiming to do just that.

The necklaces are in honour of monumental women in history who helped give us the power to follow our dreams. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here writing this. My earrings are words that are meant to help you empower yourself and those around you. My bracelets celebrate dates that changed the world and shaped our futures. And my rings honour the birth of the women that hold a piece of every necklace I make. 

When you wear gldn grl jewelry, we want you to feel your most empowered and driven self. We want you to be proud of who you are becoming, and not dwell on the person you were. If you bought my jewelry instead of a massive retailer, that means you believe in supporting someone's dream in more ways than one. 

We are supporting those who struggle with the basic physical functions of being a woman and the mental side effects that can cause. To show your love to us lets us continue to battle and dream. 

So ultimately, thank you for your support. I have loved being a part of this alongside you and hope that there will be only more exciting things to come. We want you to wear your pieces with pride knowing that whether or not you meant to, you helped fight patriarchy. You are just as every bit gldn as the women honoured by our jewelry. 

- gldn grl 

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