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Don't sweat it! If your bracelet breaks within 3 months of having it done, send us a message for a free re-weld.

If it breaks after 3 months, we charge a $15 rewelding fee.

The easiest way to keep your bracelet clean is to avoid harsh chemicals that could tarnish the material. But as they're real gold or sterling silver, using Dawn dish soap, a gentle scrub should restore its shine!

We are happy to remove your bracelet and re-weld at no cost for any medical reasons. If we're not around, gently cut the jump ring used to attach your bracelet and save the chain for re-welding.

Do not cut the bracelet itself, but the ring that can easily be replaced.

Not ready for that kind of commitment? No problem. We are happy to build you a custom bracelet and add a clasp.


Love my permanent bracelet! It’s so dainty and easy to layer with all of my other jewellery pieces. Would definitely get another one to add to my stack :)

Kelly B

Had a lovely experience with Summar from Gldn Grl. The selection of permanent bracelets to choose from were simple and great, Summar made the entire process super lovely. The whole experience is very quick- the zap takes probably 3 seconds and the result is dainty and beautiful!! I’ve been wearing my bracelet for over a month now and I’m absolutely in love with it! :)

Sheril B

Working with Summar was wonderful! Not only is she talented at her work, but she’s kind and lovely to collaborate with. It was so convenient to host a permanent jewelry event in my house. We had a lot of fun choosing the chains for our bracelets, and we’re so happy with the results! I’ll be a repeat customer and am already planning my next event. Thank you!!! 

Lauren M