Have a question about gldn grl? Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you find an answer. If not, feel free to email us anytime


How is your jewelry made?

Our lead gldn grl Summar, hand makes our necklaces and bracelets using supplies from across the globe. Our goal is to create affordable, long-lasting and stylish jewelry. We are not currently making the earrings (apart from the courage hoops) or rings as we are not skilled in metal smithing, so these are outsourced. 


Do you offer local pickup?

Yes, feel free to email us or message us on Instagram before your purchase and we can chat about pickup! We work from home in Ottawa, Ontario. 


What happens if my pieces break? 

If something happens to your piece that is at obvious fault of our manufacturing, we will happily replace it for you. Otherwise, you can consult our refund policy, or feel free to email us if you think it warrants discussion. 


How do you donate?

With each sale, we donate $5 to the Endometriosis Network of Canada. This is done at the end of each month, regardless of profit or order quantity.