Em's story

“My first flare-up was in high school. I fell to the floor with extreme abdominal pain, upper thigh leg pain, and nausea. My initial thought was that my appendix had exploded - but when the same pain reoccurred every month during my period, I knew that something wasn't right with my body. I decided to take my health into my own hands to fight for answers, effective pain management, and resources. I was told many times that "some womxn just have bad periods" and that I happened to be one of the unlucky ones on that long list.

I advocated for 11 years to receive a formal diagnosis with suspected endometriosis in June 2020.

I want you to know that what you're feeling is real. The frustration, pain, anxiety, and motivation for answers is shared amongst other advocates vying for effective endometriosis awareness. You’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. Together we’ll create effective changes that will work to support everyone in the community 🤍”

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